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Thrill is in the air of Wollongong

Wollongong HotelsAdventure is at every beam of Wollongong, here you can experience sky diving, scuba diving and other exciting activities like biking trail. If you are bored with the traditional concept of vacation then this is the time you can try your hand onto new things. As each of the activities is monitored by the experts hence there is no risk of being harmed. It is the only place of the world where you can live through the elation hand glide, skydive, crazy by plane adventure as well as surfing.

  • Hand Gliding at Wollongong Hill


The thrill of hang gliding can be experienced from Wollongong Hill 60. The instructors help the visitors through briefing, paperwork and checking the harness. Get pleasure from the exhilaration of hand gliding and the outstanding view of the Pacific drive and you stay assured as bit will be safe and secure experience and even you can allow your child to experience. Surf at mydomain.com for more information.


Another way of watching the spectacular view of North South Wales is skydiving that will directly land you to the magnificent beaches of Wollongong. Sometimes attempting insane activities can freshen up your mind and it’s undoubtedly one of the craziest activities that is completely legal as well as secure because an expert instructors will guide you till the endpoint and just imagine the thrill of landing within 60 seconds in 220km per hour speed. If you are experienced then you can enjoy the peace of flying without the assistance of any tandem.

It will be an unforgettable experience that will be cherished by you forever, just keep aside your fear and broaden up your personal boundaries by stepping outside from comfort zone. Once you thrust yourself into these exiting activities you will be filled with enthusiasm. It will be a peaceful and tranquil flying experience.

Book accommodation in Wollongong, North Wollongong beach

After spending a day with full of fun and excitement you need a perfect nest for resting and now here you will be provided with the quest of few hotels in Wollongong beach. Chiefley, Novotel and Fairways Resort Hotels Wollongong charge viable rate on accommodation. Even if you are visiting Wollongong Hill 60 and want to stay for a night these places are ideal. You will be welcomed cordially and undoubtedly like their reception. Check their official websites for projected charge but the amount is subjected to change depending upon the extra person charge or service taxes.


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