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Hotels in Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a small town right of the located off the north eastern coast of New South Whales, Australia. It is located 772 kilometres north of Sydney and 152 kilometres south of Brisbane. This little town is has become famous for the number of adventure sports it offers any tourist visiting there. The waves are a top favourite of surfers from around the world. Byron Bay also caters to sky divers, scuba divers and a lot of other adventure seekers. You name it, they have it!


  • Hotels in Byron Bay: Byron Bay mainly caters to the adventure junkie so it should not be a surprise that out of all the Hotels Byron Bay a lot of them are hotels meant for backpackers. A very prominent one among the ones that are specifically meant for backpackers is Byron Bay YHA. This place offers everything that a on the go backpacker could possibly dream of. From simple activities like bicycling, swimming and scuba diving jogs to Kayaking/canoeing and even whale watching. Yep, you heard me right! This is one activity that you can only get to be a part of in Byron Bay. Apart from the points mentioned, Byron bay YHA also offers everyday amenities WI-Fi, games room and reading room. But let’s be honest, you are not going to stay at this place to surf the internet or read a book, are you?! There is also an option for cheap hotels in Byron Bay if this one puts a bit too much pressure on your wallet. A good choice would be Byron Springs guest house which is not too cheap to be honest but is surely value for money, considering the fact that you get free bikes, parking, Wi-Fi and breakfast. This place is simply perfect for a trip with the family. Book cheap hotels Byron Bay at least months before you go since these places usually are in high demand.

Be one with Mother Nature: One of the main attractions of this place would be the Julian Rocks Nguthungulli Nature Reserve which is located on the Julian Rocks in the Northern River region of New South Whales in Australia. This is a place which will surely make you wonder in awe at the unspoiled beauty of Mother Nature. Another such reserve would be the Broken Head Nature Reserve. This 240 acre reserve is situated near Byron Bay an intact segment of littoral rainforest which will surely enchant you. For further details please log on to,_New_South_Wales